1. Personal Investments

    Share Certificates

    4.80 %APY
    As High As
    • A competitive fixed rate for the duration of the certificate term
    • A diverse range of term options, including 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months
    • Open an account with a minimum deposit of just $500.
  2. Checking

    Swipe2Save Checking

    10 %
    APY Owner Rewards Purchase Round-Up
    • Round Up Your Purchase & Deposit the Difference
    • Earn 10% APY when you also open an Owner Rewards Savings Account
  3. Checking

    Basic Checking

    $ 0
    Fees & Service Charges
    • Unlimited transactions
    • Dividends paid on average daily balances of $250 or more
    • Overdraft Privilege Protection
  4. Checking

    Love My Crew Checking

    10.00 %
    Off Merch at the Crew Shop
    • Show your pride in your wallet!
  5. Checking

    Youth Swipe2Save Checking

    $ 0
    Fees & Service Charges
    • Youth Debit Card
    • Pay Allowance
    • Track Spending
  6. Savings

    Regular Share Savings

    0.05 %APY
    As High As
    • Establish your membership with the credit union
    • Save for your immediate financial future
    • Offers flexibility in accessing funds
  7. Savings

    Holiday Club

    0.05 %APY
    As High As
    • Set aside money for specifically for the holidays
    • On October 1, the balance of your Holiday Club Account is automatically transferred into your Regular Share Account
  8. Savings

    Vacation Club

    0.05 %APY
    As High As
    • Set aside money for specifically for your vacation
    • Transfer your Vacation Club funds to your Share Account any time or withdraw at any of our surcharge-free ATM machines
  9. Savings

    Health Savings Account

    0.50 %APY
    As High As
    • Easy application process
    • Transferable in the event of job change
    • Covers most medical, dental, and prescription costs
  10. Credit Cards

    MasterCard Cash Back Rewards

    18.24 %APR
    As Low As
    • 1.5% CASH BACK for each dollar spent
    • 0% balance transfer
    • NO Annual Fee
  11. Credit Cards

    Low Rate Credit Card

    13.24 %APR
    As Low As
    • Our lowest rate credit card option
    • Flexible spending power
    • NO annual fee
  12. Savings

    Owner Rewards

    10.00 %APY
    As High As
    • Earn 10.00% APY on select savings deposited into the account.
    • Grow your savings with a Swipe2Save account or a MasterCard Credit Card.
  1. Vehicle Loans

    New & Used Vehicle Loan

    6.24 %APR
    As Low As
    • Fast and local decision-making
    • Financing terms up to 85-months
    • 100% financing available
  2. Vehicle Loans

    Vehicle Loan Refinance

    6.24 %APR
    As Low As
    • Fast and convenient ways to apply online, in person, or over the phone in less than 15 minutes
    • You could save hundreds
  3. Vehicle Loans

    Motorcycle, Boat and RV Loans

    8.25 %APR
    As Low As
    • No payments for up to 90 days
    • Convenient financing terms
    • No early-payment penalties
  4. Vehicle Loans

    TrueCar - Car Buying Service

    $ 1,824
    Average Savings off MSRP
    • A no-hassle buying experience
    • Guarantees you savings on your vehicle purchase price so you never overpay
  5. Personal Loans

    Lifestyle Personal Loan

    10.95 %APR
    As Low As
    • Quick and convenient financing with trusted financial partners.
    • Your loan is local, meaning your money stays right here in our central Ohio communities.
  6. Personal Loans

    Personal Secured Loans

    10.95 %APR
    As Low As
    • Quick and convenient financing with trusted financial partners.
    • Your loan is local, meaning your money stays right here in our central Ohio communities.
  7. Personal Loans


    15.04 %APR
    As Low As
    • Quick and convenient financing with trusted financial partners.
    • Your loan is local, meaning your money stays right here in our central Ohio communities.
  8. Personal Loans

    Family Forward Loan

    8.95 %APR
    As Low As
    • Individuals and families may be eligible for reduced interest loans that can be used for qualified adoption expenses up to $50,000.
    • Up to ten year terms
  9. Student Loans

    Student Loans

    $ 1000
    Minimum Loan
    • Competitive interest rates
    • Multiple repayment options
    • No origination fees; no prepayment penalty
  10. Home Equity

    Home Equity Loan

    Max 90 %
    Of Your Home's Appraised Value
    • Maximum term of 15 years
    • Finance up to 90% of your home’s appraised value
  11. Home Equity

    Power Equity Line of Credit

    $ 100k
    Maximum Line
    • Rates some of the best in the market
    • Up to 80% LTV
    • NO annual fee or closing costs
  12. Mortgages

    Fixed-Rate Mortgage

    30 Yrs
    Maximum Term
    • Terms up to 30-years available
    • Low down payments
    • Predictable monthly payments
  13. Mortgages

    Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM)

    7/1 ARM
    Most Popular Account
    • Low, competitive interest rates
    • Start with a fixed interest rate for a set period of time, then adjusting when interest rates change over the life of the loan
  14. Mortgages

    The Game Changer Mortgage

    $ 299
    Closing Costs
    • 10-year to 15-year term options available
    • Lower your interest rate and potentially your monthly payment!
    • Reduce the amount of time owed on your mortgage
  15. Mortgages

    FHA and VA Loans

    $ 0
    Down Payment
    • Low or no down payment options with flexible credit requirements.
    • For qualifying veterans or buyers who qualify for FHA loans.
  16. Personal Loans

    Credit Builder Loan

    As Low As
  1. Checking

    Business Basic Checking

    $ 25
    Minimum Balance to Open
    • 50 free transactions/month
    • NO monthly service fee
    • Bill pay available for $10/month
  2. Checking

    Business Organizational/Club Checking

    $ 25
    Minimum Balance to Open
    • NO monthly service fee
    • 50 free transactions/month
    • Account-to-account transfer to another financial institution available for $10/month
  3. Checking

    Business Plus Checking

    $ 50
    Minimum Balance to Open
    • Low $8 monthly maintenance fee
    • 200 free transactions/month
    • Bill pay available for $10/month
  4. Checking

    Business Premium Checking

    $ 100
    Minimum Balance to Open
    • $20 monthly maintenance fee – waived if aggregate daily balance is $7,500+
    • 400 free transactions/month
    • Bill pay available for $10/month
  5. Credit Cards

    Business Rewards Credit Cards

    17.49 %APR
    As Low As
    • No annual fee
    • Individual billing for each user
    • Corporate level consolidated billing available.
  6. Savings

    Business Savings

    0.05 %APY
    As High As
    • Offers flexibility in accessing your funds
    • Low minimum opening deposit of $5
  7. Business Investments

    Business Money Market

    $ 2500
    Minimum opening deposit
    • No-risk account – not tied to the stock market
    • Offer a competitive rate of return, but with more flexibility in accessing funds than a Share Certificate
  8. Business Investments

    Business Share Certificates

    4.80 %APY
    As High As
    • Offer the best possible rates at Pathways
    • Funds are secured for a set amount of time
    • A guaranteed way for you to maximize your business savings
  9. Business Loans

    Business Term Loans

    As Low As
    • Long term capital
    • Flexible usage for the loan funds
  10. Business Loans

    Business Lines of Credit

    As Low As
    • Terms up to 60 months.
    • Only pay interest on what you use.
  11. Business Loans

    SBA Loans

    As Low As
    • Loans insured by the government
    • Flexible usage of loan funds
  12. Real Estate

    Commercial Real Estate Loans

    As Low As
    • We will work with your team to help structure the loan you need
    • Flexible terms
  13. Real Estate

    Business Leasing

    As Low As
    • Local loans
    • Competitive rates
  14. Business Services

    Merchant Card Processing

    As Low As
    • Merchant Card Processing
    • Industry Specific Solutions

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