Youth Swipe2Save Checking Accounts

Introducing Pathways Financial Credit Union's youth Swipe2Save Checking Accounts—an excellent way for kids as young as 8 to learn about managing money and tracking their spending all year round.

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Teach Your Kids the Value of Saving with Swipe2Save!

Save with Every Swipe

Every time your child makes a purchase with their Swipe2Save debit card, we round up the amount to the nearest dollar and deposit the difference into their Owner Rewards Savings Account. This account earns an unbeatable 10.00% APY1, making saving money fun and rewarding.

Empower Financial Independence

With their own debit card, children can make purchases and learn about budgeting firsthand. It's a great way to introduce them to financial independence while giving parents peace of mind

Easy Spending Tracking

The Swipe2Save account makes it simple for kids to track their spending. Rounded-up transactions and user-friendly online banking tools make balancing their accounts a breeze.

Seamless Allowance Transfers

Parents can easily transfer allowance money from their own Swipe2Save accounts to their child's account through our convenient online banking system. It's a hassle-free way to manage their allowance and teach them about regular savings

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