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What are the daily transaction limits on Shared Branching Transactions?

For Guest Members conducting transactions at Pathways branches:

  • Withdrawals: Guest members can withdraw up to $2,500.00 per day from their Credit Union account(s). The withdrawal limit is "per member," in aggregate from multiple accounts or from a single account. The limit includes withdrawals by cash, and/or Corporate Draft requests.
  • Payroll Checks: For computer generated payroll checks with the attached stub, guest members may receive up to $2,500.00 of the funds as immediate credit. Payroll checks over $2,500 are subject to deposit of the entire amount, with a local 2-business day hold.
  • Transfers: There is no limit on the amount a guest member may "transfer" within their own account.
  • Deposits: The maximum daily deposit accepted, in any form (cash or check) is $20,000.00
  • Guest Member CU Limits: The member's own CU may have more restrictive limits, and if so, their own CU limits will apply and be imposed systematically.

For Pathways members conducting transactions at partner Shared Branching CU locations:

  • The same limits, as stated above, apply.

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